Alton Symphony Orchestra

The Alton Symphony Orchestra, established in 1945, is a prominent organization dedicated to live symphonic music in southwestern Illinois. With a history spanning over 7 decades, the symphony has been a vital contributor to the Riverbend area’s cultural landscape, providing high-quality orchestral music to residents and artists. Serving as a cultural force, the ASO aims to foster community awareness and appreciation for the arts, ensuring accessibility for individuals of all ages and backgrounds.

The primary objective of the Alton Symphony Orchestra is to offer exceptional musical programs to audiences while creating opportunities for local musicians to showcase their talent. Presently, the orchestra is focused on expanding the appreciation of fine music among a more diverse audience, nurturing an interest in orchestral music among children, and cultivating a greater presence of young musicians within the ensemble. By pursuing these goals, the ASO continues to enrich the musical experience in the region and promote the importance of the arts.