Godfrey, Illinois, is ideally situated in the Midwest, just 25 miles from the vibrant city of St. Louis, Missouri. This close proximity to St. Louis allows residents and visitors to relish in the city’s attractions, all while enjoying Godfrey’s serene, small-town atmosphere. The St. Louis Lambert International Airport is conveniently located about 20 miles south of Godfrey, enabling effortless domestic and international travel.

In addition to air travel, Godfrey benefits from nearby rail services. The Alton Amtrak Station is a mere 8 miles away, providing efficient rail connections across the region. The state’s capital, Springfield, known for its rich history and cultural offerings, is only around 80 miles from Godfrey. With the St. Louis Regional Airport also just 5 miles away in East Alton, Illinois, Godfrey’s location ensures easy accessibility to major transportation hubs and urban centers, making it a well-connected and desirable Midwestern destination.